"Look fresh with this this Star Wars cap for the new movie Star Wars Rogue One. If you love all Star Wars movies, then choose this Empire vs. Rebels Rogue One fitted hat!"
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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Reignite your love for the Star Wars series with this Star Wars cap specially designed and created for the new Star Wars Rogue One movie. If you're somebody that has owned any Star Wars DVD, wears Star Wars Clothing or has only seen a few Star Wars movies, then this Rogue One hat is for you. This Rogue On cap is perfect for a fan that loves all Star Wars movies or even one just getting into the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars Rogue One fitted cap is beautifully designed with half the Rebels logo and half the Empires logo embroidered onto the front of the cap, hinting at the conflict in the new Star Wars Rogue One movie. On the wearer's right, characters associated with the Rebel Alliance are depicted in a mural. On the wearer's left, characters associated with the Empire are depicted in a mural. This Rogue One Fitted Cap beautifully pieces together elements of the Star Wars Rogue One movie that any Star Wars fan would be proud of.

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  • Manufacturer: New Era

Star Wars Rogue One Rebels vs. Empire Mural Fitted Cap

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