Jordan Retro 6s Maroons blank beanie is maroon.
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  • Cap Swag
  • Custom Sneaker Matching Beanie
  • Nike Air Jordan Retro 6s Maroons
  • Knit hat to match Jordan Retro 6s Maroons Sneakers
  • Adjustable
  • One Size Fits All

Shop Jordan Retro 6s Maroons sneaker matching tshirts, caps, hats, snapbacks, and socks on Match your favorite sneakers with hats from custom designed to match your shoes. Complete your Jordan Retro 6s Maroons shoes outfit with the Jordan Retro 6s Maroons beanie by Cap Swag. 

Jordan Retro 6s Maroons blank beanie is maroon.

  • Item #: brj6mmbh
  • Manufacturer: Cap Swag

Blank Retro Jordan 6 Maroon Matching Beanie Hat

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